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First post. [Oct. 21st, 2007|01:19 am]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

In an amazing act of both parties being open and willing to create their own houses of cards, progress was made tonight...

He accepted my willingness and desire to change myself in a positive way. He recognised my effort I am making to be a happier person. He understands that I want to be secure in my own life and acknowledges that he will, in turn, benefit from my positive changes.

I was able to take from him every constructive thing he had to say and not be hurt by what he said. I was able to hear that I have dependent tendencies, my drinking was a problem that fueled my dependency, and my overall low faith I have in myself takes its toll.

With all of that said, tonight I make a vow to myself that
-not drink alcohol, as it does not suit me, and affects my relationships;
-write everyday about how I am feeling and possible triggers for addictive/dependent behaviour;
-seek professional help, through counselling;
-do yoga 2-3 times per week;
-exercise at least 3 times per week, whether it be jogging, swimming, weight training, or dancing;
-take up a new hobby, such as knitting and/or painting;
-be grateful for those who love me and continue to support me;
-definately tell myself I am a worthy human being and I have a lot to offer, every single day.

I am a single being in this world. I am love.
This is a life that shall not go wasted.